Frequently Asked Questions

Mexico Travel Car Insurance do I need one?

It depends. Will you be driving to mexico? You will have to take a look at your current car insurance to see if it provides coverage for when you travel to mexico. Some insurance carrier might provide coverage for just up to the border. This is where you will want to consider buying mexico car insurance.

What happens if I drive my car to mexico?

Before you travel to Mexico with your car, you may want to take a look at a couple of factors. For example you may be required to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. If you are currently financing your vehicle it is recommended to notify your lienholder (bank holding your loan) that you are traveling into mexico using your vehicle. They will usually provide you with a letter saying that its ok for you to take your vehicle into mexico. However before they can provide such letter they will require for you to obtain a mexico car insurance policy.

Does mexico require auto insurance?

Despite what others are saying. Mexico car insurance is a requirement by law.

What happens if I'm in mexico and get into a car accident?

In the event that you are involved in mexico and get into a car accident, the auto accident is subject to the Laws of Mexico. In this case the accident will be considered a criminal offense and a Civil Matter. This is why it is important to purchase mexico car insurance,  and must be provided by an admitted Mexican Insurance Company that is registered with the Mexican Department of Insurance.

Is my U.S Driver's License valid in Mexico?

U.S Driver’s license is valid in Mexico. However your U.S car insurance policy most likely is not, nor is the policy of your rental car.

Where can I purchase mexico car insurance?

You can quote and purchase your mexico car insurance policy by clicking the button below or by calling us at (913) 515-2222.